Strategies for changing electricity and gas market

As an energy utility, it is you who, in the first place, are making developments such as digitisation possible. With the correct tools and the right strategy, you can provide your customers with a demand-driven supply oriented to the future. Proven methods - such as direct wholesale market access and short-term optimisation on the spot, intraday and balancing energy markets - can be intelligently combined with new digital solutions. Geopolitical, economic and technological influences are also affecting pricing on the energy markets: These include regulatory adjustments as well as new forms of energy generation and production.

Ompex supports your energy utility company by profitably harnessing the opportunities provided by wide-ranging changes in the energy markets.

Our solutions

Since its partial deregulation, the dynamism of the gas market has gained considerable momentum. Many dealers trade on the newly developed spot and futures markets, with long-term procurement contracts playing only a minor role. The right tools and instruments help you as a gas supplier to provide your customers with optimally customised services.

Dynamic gas market

With direct access to the wholesale market, active short-term optimisation of your gas portfolio and new digital solutions, we make your gas company fit for the future.

Daniel Germann

Manage challenges perfectly.

Your challenge: The perfect time for energy procurement

Procurement and distribution are gaining momentum all the time. The reason for this is digital development and the associated increase in transparency. But even though almost everything is done online, you need to be able to take decisions, for example in order to realise prices close to the market and to time a transaction correctly. Are you wondering where market prices are going and whether today is a better time to buy electricity and gas than tomorrow or next year? Put your trust in our long-term price forecasts: You will receive invaluable inputs for safe decision making.

Strengthen your delivery capabilities

Do your customers want to know for how many years they should procure energy for you? Whether prices will fall or rise in the future? Show them the benefits of budget security and when it makes sense to wait for a possible price correction. Our Ompex team helps you give the right answers. In this way you will gain the trust of your electricity and gas customers and strengthen your position as a long-term energy supplier. You will optimally meet your customers' needs with our intelligent products and services, e.g. a dynamic hedging model against rising market prices.

Efficient and cost-effective energy procurement

Tomo von Felten

Our services

  • Direct access to the wholesale market
  • Trustworthy, independent and financially sound partner
  • Professional market observation in real time
  • Detailed strategy and risk manual
  • Modern, risk-diversified and safe procurement strategy
  • Comprehensive, interactive online reporting
  • Additional tools like price curves, market reports, valuation tools

Our procurement solutions

  • Click & Trade online
  • Portfolio management
  • Strategy and risk manuals, strategy workshops
  • Real-time observation
  • Optimised forward trading based on our fundamental models
  • Online reporting and procurement tools

Your challenge: Electricity and gas distribution with added value

Your distribution profits from the competitive prices of your electricity and gas products. But that's far from being all. How can you tie in your customers given that the market will open up completely in the future?

Competition is becoming fiercer and margins tighter - smart products and services will enable you to provide your customers with real added value. Perfectly tailored to your needs, you can start immediately with Ompex's standardised tools and instruments. Or you can decide in favour of white label packages, which we design individually for your utility company.

Customised electricity and gas distribution

Our distribution solutions

  • Classic consulting for optimised distribution
  • Product development for complex requirements of key accounts
  • White label market reports
  • Online reporting tools for SMEs and key accounts (also as white label)
  • Online reporting tools for utility companies on the distribution and procurement side
  • Online tools for customer meetings on site
  • Online customer trades
  • Interfaces from distribution to electricity/gas trading

Invaluable solutions

  • Physical settlement of all energy transactions (integrated energy logistics for electricity and gas)
  • Access to exchanges in various countries
  • Intraday and day-after transactions
  • Transit transactions
  • Short-term optimisation
  • Long- and short-term price analyses and forecasts


Integrated procurement desk

We developed an integrated procurement desk for a medium-sized utility company. Associated with this was a new procurement strategy, which led away from full supply to the open supply contract. Our Ompex team restructured all the procurement processes. The customer now profits from online representation of its entire portfolio with attractive interactive options and valuations. The utility company can also count on our support at the time of implementation as a player in the wholesale market including procurement of energy from third-party suppliers.

White label package

For a German electricity supplier, Ompex developed a white label solution as access for its largest energy customers with a volume of several TWh. The package includes online reporting tools, access to market information and other, individually tailored features.