Energy markets in a changing world create opportunities

Changes in the electricity and gas market are bound to happen in the years ahead - whether in market design, the operating area of the short-term markets or the balancing energy system. This change opens up many opportunities for you as a large consumer. You can select from a range of modern procurement options: From an all-round carefree package to structured procurement, enabling you to become involved in the short-term electricity and gas market and optimise other costs.

With a stringent energy procurement strategy from Ompex, you can significantly cut your energy costs. This keeps you one step ahead of your competitors.

Our solutions

Procure gas and electricity in a cost-efficient manner

Challenges for large clients

How can you as an industrial company procure electricity and gas as cost-effectively as possible? And do so with good planning and budget security? This is a challenge, since it is important for you to realise energy prices close to the market in a risk-diversified environment. You are faced with the question of when the best possible time is for procurement, tomorrow or next year.

Our long-term forecasts help you see where market prices for electricity and gas are going and give you invaluable inputs when you take decisions.

Manage electricity and gas portfolios competently

With Ompex's energy expertise, you profit from many benefits when your electricity and gas portfolio is managed optimally:

  • Direct access to the wholesale market
  • Informative, modern, risk-diversified and safe procurement strategy
  • Professional market observation in real time
  • Comprehensive, interactive online reporting
  • Additional online tools like price curves, market reports, valuation tools

Solutions for your success in the world of energy

Portfolio management

  • Implementation and support in the market
  • Strategy and risk manuals, strategy workshops
  • Real-time observation
  • Optimised forward trading based on our fundamental models
  • Online reporting and procurement tools

More on our portfolio management


  • Physical settlement and integrated energy logistics for electricity and gas
  • Short-term optimisation
  • Access to different exchanges in various countries
  • Intraday and day-after transactions
  • Transit transactions
  • Price analyses and forecasts

More on our solutions


Correctly structured

We needed to restructure the entire energy procurement for a large industrial client. This initially included analysis of the existing purchase contracts and of the risk management in place including critical consideration of the regulation of responsibilities. Building on this and together with the customer, we devised a procurement and risk strategy in the form of a manual, signed off by the management. Finally we implemented the strategy jointly with the customer, took over market price observation and created an informative online reporting tool with all the risk parameters.

Schedule management

An international energy group drew on our broad European know-how by having us take over their entire portfolio management in Germany including settlement, i.e. balancing group management, EEG handling, access to spot exchanges, etc. We also physically transit quantities of electricity through a number of countries to their final destinations. We take over auctioning of cross-border capacities, the conclusion of transactions with counterparties and the entire schedule management.